Saturday, January 25, 2014

Time Warp, It's Saturday?

Wow this morning is getting under my skin.  Blogger is being buggy and I just deleted yesterday's post on accident.  Not that it was important, it just peeves me off when a program goes all crazy.  So now that's out of the way I can get back to what I was attempting to share with everyone.  Mint shoes.  I know, it's not related to decor and I probably need mint shoes like I need a hole in the head.  But darn it, they are so freaking cute.  So here are my findings this morning while I am enjoying my cup of coffee.  Enjoy!

First on the list, Scalloped Mint Flat.
Cute I know.
Loeffler Randall Milla Mint Flat, Zappos, $250
Next up, fabulous Manola Blahnik.
Yep they will break the bank but look at them. 
Mint Manola Blahnik, Nordstrom, $595
Here we have two more affordable options.
Both will take you all the way through spring.
Mint Suede Oxford, ASOS, $83.34
Mint Suede Ankle Boots, ASOS, $88.89
And for summer, why not mint sandals?
Hurry though, these are on clearance.

Lucky Brand Mint Sandal, Nordstrom, $23.60

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