Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pottery Barn Outlet Store Finds

This past weekend was great.  Did everything I wanted and more.  This includes going to one of my most favorite of all places, the Pottery Barn factory store which includes PB Teen, PB Kids, Williams Sonoma, Williams Sonoma Home and West Elm.  It's a very happy places with deals and not so great deals.  The big find of the day was my new rug.  Wanted an 8 x 10 in a natural color, brought one home.
Mini Pebble Wool/ Jute Rug
This handsome devil of a rug costs $599 new at West Elm.  I took it home this weekend for roughly 46% off.  It now lives happily in my living room for less than $300. 
Square Lacquered Tray
I did not get to bring home the gold version of this one.  Yes, they had one but it was also dinged up pretty good.  Instead I brought home the navy blue version.  Retailed for $29, I paid $17.  There we other items I found in the store but did not bring home due to the fact that I own too much crap.
Mia Table Lamp, Retail $129, Outlet $79.99
Copper Cord Set, Retail $49, Outlet $19.99
Mid-Century Nightstand, Retail $299, Outlet $199
Angled-Base Coffee Table, Retail $499, Outlet $299
The above I would consider to be details.  Substantial savings, enough to make you wait in line.  The following item, not so much a deal.  Saving $7 and waiting in line for 30 minutes does not make sense.
84" White Cotton Canvas Panels, Retail $29, Outlet $22.99
Last but not least there were four of these babies.  Andy did not think they were comfortable and I thought the same but more or less had a hard time passing up some eye-candy.  They all stayed there at the store for someone else to love one day.  If you live near San Marcos Outlet, please go rescue one.
West Elm Leather Sling Chair, Retail ??, Outlet $449

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