Monday, July 18, 2016

Deciding on Upgrades

When building a new home, it is inevitable that you will go to the builder selection center. There you willl be bombarded with upgraded features for every square foot of your new property. It is easy to spend a fortune on upgrades. Knowing where to upgrade with the builder and where not to usually requires serious research and evaluation of the products available at the builder. For these reasons, here are three quick tips hit the builder selection center.

1. Opt for two appointments if possible,
2. Set the appointments at least a week apart so you can digest your selections,
3. Don't be afraid to visit the center again between appointments if you need to revisit selections.

We selected a ton of upgrades and then spent a week and a half mulling over the selections, checking prices, and even visiting the builder selection center on an off-day before returning to make our final selections.

In the end, we selected many upgrades. Three of the larger ones included upgrading the cabinets to shaker cabinets, upgrading the appliance suite, and countertops throughout the house. The cost of the cabinets were justified after we calculated the costs of upgrading cabinets. In addition, the cabinets are from a solid company. We upgraded the appliance suit since the upgrade price was significantly less the the same suite at Lowes. Lastly, It was a pain to upgrade the countertops in the last house, the cost to update the granite was minimal, but the cost of the Quartz was over the top. So, we updated the countertops to a granite color that would match cabinets.

Now where to save.

Lighting- just save your money and shop online.
Plumbing fixtures- see above.
Cabinet hardware- Also see above or visit a home improvement store.

One of the first upgrades we purchased was a Delta Trinsic Kitchen faucet. I wanted a satin brass color and I had a coupon. Actually, we visited a Ferguson showroom pricing items and fell in love the the champagne bronze color and faucet style. I've also ordered a few different cabinet pulls to compare their color and style to the cabinets and faucet. Overall. I am pretty excited about the choices we've made and it all coming together.

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