Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Dining Room To Do: Part One

Greetings everyone.  This weekend marked the start of a new project.  I didn't go out and do anything crazy, but I might have settled on a paint color for the dining/hallway area.  This is the first area people walk through when they enter our home.  It has to have an impact, be tasteful, represent us and be able to transition smoothly into the living room and bonus space.  Should I have made this the blue area and the living room the more neutral griege?  Probably so.  However I have wanted a blue living room for a long LONG time and I am very happy with the way it looks.  The dining room/hallway will have to be the the overly safe griege color.  Besides, I have a huge piece of abstract art with many colors in it, so the walls need to work with the piece, not over power it. 

Without further delay, here is the current state of the dining room.
First off, Walter thought I was going to feed him, so he hauled butt into the my area since I was close to the feeding grounds.  Second, the chandelier is new, so it's going to stay, I just need to decide what the hell I am doing with the light bulb situation.  The large painting, the furniture and the pieces on the table also all stay.  Everything above and on the buffet I have plans to utilize elsewhere in the house.  I am going to hold out until Round Top in October in hopes of finding some awesome crap that will be original, vintage and make this space amazing.  Looking at the back wall in my living room where my new blue curtains are, I want to paint that wall blue too which is probably a bad idea since the living room and kitchen are open to each other.
In case you are wondering if I always have place settings just hanging out on my table, the answer is no, I don't want to know what goes on in the house when we are not around to supervise. The dishes and the place mats came from Indonesia (the chartreuse cloth mats I found at Ikea for $1.99) and they are freaking AWESOME.  They will not be going away and they were begging to be photographed. 
This painting is huge, but you can not tell from the photo since the dining area is also huge.  This art has pretty much all my favorite colors in it except for that obnoxious fuchsia I love and burnt orange.  With that many colors I need something calm and easy going, nothing overbearing.  According to my Sherwin Williams Chip It!  The following colors were found within my painting which I could use to correlate accessories.  Heaven knows I need something on that table besides place mats.

Paint colors from Chip It! by Sherwin-Williams
This will come in handy at one point of another although I do not know where Chip It! found the color "Emotional" with in the painting.  Also if you look back at the first image I posted, you can see that the living room and this area are very open to each other.  I feel this painting ties into the color pallet out there as well.  I just want to avoid having too much green and blue in the dining room so that the two areas are each defined. For this reason, amongst others already laid out, I think I have chosen a lighter variation of the color "Brainstorm Bronze."  Judging by the paint chip it mingles well with the blue in the living room and compliments my large abstract well.  I just need to pick up a sample and some new light bulbs to make sure this is the route I am going for.

For now, that's it.  The first glimpse at one of the last rooms I have to take care of in Casa de Cordas.  Till next time.

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