Monday, February 18, 2013

IKEA Curtain Reviews & More!

Clockwise from the left:

BJÖRNLOKA LINJE- very cute 56% white linen sheet panels with black sewn into them.  They are pretty good quality except for the top tabs.  I vote they get cut off.  Use a lot with a rod and rings and it will look higher quality than it actually is.  The fabric overall was very nice. 

LAPPLJUNG- these are very red.  The color is awesome however, the quality is not the same as the BJÖRNLOKA LINJE.  They are very cute with the whole paisley/ ikat thing going on.  The price is right too if you are looking for a cheap way to spruce up your windows.  They are a cheaper cotton so I would recommend maybe lining then to make them feel a little better or use some rings.  

LAPPLJUNG RAND- this picture does not give these panels any justice.  They are way more cool and tribal in person.  Also, the contrast between the black and white is more even in person.  They are pretty busy just like the LAPPLJUNG in red and the same quality of cotton.  I say line them to give them more weight or use a lot of them for an awesome focal point to a room.

WERNA- I have these in my living room and I love them.  They are a synthetic (polyester) but they look great as a cheaper substitute for velvet.   I opted to use rings to make them look a little more expensive, but using the back tabs on them also looks nice.  I recommend the navy.  It's a true navy and looks awesome.  The only problem I have with them is since they are polyester, they crap because the the static like no ones business.  

Remember the curtains at IKEA are from a big box store.  You shouldn't expect them to look like you paid $200 a panel but they do look nice for the price you pay.  These are some of the more exciting ones I found on my trip there today that would be a fun and exciting way to spruce up a space for a little bit of cash-ola.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that IKEA had mix and match finals and rods now.  You can spray paint the hell out of them if you do not like the base color.  And I really liked the use of the barn door inspired hardware on this wardrobe.  Imagine how many other wardrobes or credenzas in the world would benefit from barn inspired hardware.  Oooo- white credenza with hot pink barn door hardware.  Yes please!


  1. How are the Werna curtains in terms of blocking out light?

    1. Hi Rose,
      The Werna Curtains were awesome at blocking out light. I use to have the navy ones hanging in my house, now they are stored in a box. No light and stylist :) Hope that helps.