Sunday, February 24, 2013

JCP Kya Curtains, Rugs & Fabric- OH MY!

First thing first, if you can get to Cypress, Texas JCP they have a ton of curtains on clearance there.  I am talking the Kya Rod-Pocket Sheer Panel in Biscotti and Birch for 10 bucks a panel.  So good deal there and several others for an amazing deal too.

Second thing, I bought a rug.  Andy liked it, I had a coupon and a dream.  I also have a free brown sofa that needs a new buddy.  It should be here by Wednesday.  It's navy and white and I am hoping it looks awesome with my navy IKEA curtains which I fancy so gosh darn much.

I also went out looking at fabric to cover some chairs in as soon as I find them.  This weekend was devoted to HFH.  Yeah I know, they're expensive.  I snapped photos of the fabric names in hopes of finding them by the yard on the internet for cheap.  Yeah, no luck there really.  I plan to take a trip to Glicks and Hancocks before too long to explore more options.  The one on the far right is my favorite.
It's called Lamont Lemongrass.  The chair below is upholstered in it and more money than I want to spend right now.  This color is a very chartreuse green lemony.  The internet does not do the photo justice.
McCarthy Swoop-Arm Chair, Lemongrass on

So that's where we stand. Went to town bought the hardware to make some inherited glass knobs dummy knobs and came home to find out the previous owner of my french doors lived with them being installed crooked. So I will have to do some repair work in the near future if I want to use 'em.

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  1. Too many people are afraid of yellow, but I love it!