Sunday, June 9, 2013

Benjamin Moore, I should have known

Yesterday I put a small sample of every sample I have purchased for my dining room back up on the wall.  I hated them all.  Andy hated them all.  We were out and about and decided to make a stop at our SW store.  We took home a sample of Amazing Gray.  I was so confident about it.  Especially since the guy at the paint store said they are using the color in a lot of new cookie builds.  

Amazing Gray had to be the answer.  I was thinking my headache over dining room colors was over.


It did what so many other gray inspired colors in the house have done.  It went purple on me.  A lavender grey blob was on the wall.  Curses.  I had Andy look at it too.  He also saw the purple.  Damnit.  Immediately following this, I went to the bedroom and pulled out my paint swatch spiral.  There had to be something in there that I had pulled from a store that would work in this space.

I started holding everything up to the large abstract painting we have.  In the corner, on that wall, with or without overhead lighting.  I grabbed Andy and he made he piles of likes and dislikes.  When it was all said and done, we had done a complete 180 on the color.  The two selections: SW Panda White & BM Tapestry Beige.  So to Lowes we went because I was not in the mood to purchase another 6 dollar sample.

The results?  BM Tapestry Beige.  It's perfect.  The slightest hint of green, neutral and light enough to make a big impact on a space that lacks natural light.  Andy likes it.  I like it.  I'd like to start it next weekend, pending the fact that I love it the remainder of the week.  One wall at a time since the area has a lot of height.  From the photo below you can see how paint looks different in the same room  with and without natural light.  The one on the left is in a corner without natural light, the one on the right is with.

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