Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Week Beginnings and Weekend Plans

Ah Mondays.  It provides the 4:15am kick in the face that proves the weekend is officially over.  Weekends, is it me, or do the continually seem shorter and shorter with each week that passes by?  This weekend I didn’t get as much in the yard accomplished as I would have liked to, but I accomplished a little bit.  I finally touched up the ceiling in my bathroom from when I painted it mint and I FINALLY picked out a color for my dining room/ hallway.  After some house cleaning and some errands, the weekend ended with the season finale of Game of Thrones.  So, it was just like that, my weekend was gone. 

I did go pretend shopping on zincdoor.com this weekend.  Well, I guess pretend shopping these days in pinning.  So, I pinned some items I would like to see in my house but totally can not afford.  One of the items though, I am totally going to make it.  Here’s a little slither of the project I am going to tackle.

Also, yesterday was our 7 year anniversery.  We celebrated with Dulce de Leche cupcakes and they were delicious.  Yesterday I also gained my 100th Pinterest follower. Big moment for a Pinterest junkie like myself.  So as Tuesday winds down, I will probably spend the evening Pinning, browsing Houzz and Zillow and checking out the new collection at West Elm.  I mean it's not like we watch regular TV shows so it sounds like a great evening to me.  

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