Saturday, November 23, 2013

Time Warp- It's Saturday?

There is nothing more crappy than when you plan an entire weekend's worth of projects and a cold front blows through.  No, there is not a blizzard outside, but it is wet and windy and not ideal for painting a wall.  Well crap, there is always Thanksgiving weekend.

I have however managed to start the dresser revamp.  For one reason or another, I thought it was a great idea to paint my IKEA Hemnes dresser a bright, high-gloss orange with dark glaze.  I think I liked it about a year before I decided to lighten up the bedroom colors.  Here is where I am right now, a half painted dresser, stained drawer fronts & brass pulls.

IKEA Hemnes Re-Vamp In Progress

Slowly but surely I am sure it will come along and look pretty awesome when it is all said and done.  It is just a slow process because of the weather. 

In other news, Andy and I are going to an open house today and tomorrow we are going to check out another house.  So while the one wall in my bedroom might not get painted, we are going to check out some potential new places to live.  I am hoping we can have our house on my market by the second week of December, we will just have to see how much crap I get done with the end of the school semester arriving.   Hopefully the Fridays I have off will help out a great bit, but we shall see.

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